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    • Agricultural & Environmental Biotechnology Annotated Dictionary
      a glossary of 64K terms can be very helpful

    • AgBiotechNet
      From CABI Publishing (CAB Abstracts), a combination of fee-based and free services, including news, reviews, book chapters, reports, abstracts, calendar, jobs and conference material on agricultural biotech

    • AgBioForum: the Journal of Agrobiotechnology Management Economics
      It publishes articles which enhance the on-going dialogue on the economics and management of agricultural biotechnology

    • AgBioWorld
      AgBioWorld aims to provide science-based information on agricultural biotechnology issues to various stakeholders across the world

    • Agmachine.com
      It is the largest specialized directory of agricultural machinery and farm equipment manufacturers on the internet with over 3,700 company listings in 63 countries worldwide, including over 2,300 direct links to company websites

    • Agricola
      Includes serials, journal articles, books, book chapters, audiovisuals, short reports, reprints and other resources

    • AgriFor
      AgriFor offers free access to a searchable catalogue of quality reviewed Internet resources in agriculture, food and forestry. New resources are added to the database on a weekly basis

    • AgZines (Index of Agricultural Serials)
      Produced by the United States Agricultural Information Network, this experimental project lists just under 100 journal and periodical titles fully or partially available on the Web

    • A free archive of life sciences journals
      PubMed Central (PMC) is the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature

    • Africa South of the Sahara Database: Social Science Institutions and Periodicals
      UNESCO provides information on the region's social science research and training institutes and periodicals

    • Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
      Stanford University provides collection of websites on Africa South of Sahara

    • African Crops Net
      A Website on Genetic Improvement of African Crops and Seed Systems

    • Africover Public Domain databases
      Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has made available Africover public Domain databases

    • AgView
      A search and index tool to help navigate the Internet for data, information and resources related to agriculture

    • Alpha Dictionary Site
      Search 992 Online English Dictionaries at Once!

    • Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa
      This web site provides information on workshops publications; committee and contacts; national networks etc..

    • Answers
      This web site gives the best definitions and explanations for over one million topics

    • AskFAO
      This is a service driven by user information needs, providing answers to queries related to the organization's areas of expertise

    • AgricultureB2B.com
      Web business directory, aranged by subject areas within the industry, or by “marketplace channels,” such as crops, farm equipment, properties, etc.

    • Agriculture: Country Profiles
      browse the country specific information

    • Agriculture : Internet resources
      Internet Resources for Agriculture

    • Agriculture : Online Books
      an electronic collection of the most important agricultural texts published between the early 19th century and the mid-20th century

    • Agriculture : Virtual Library
      The Agricultural WWW Virtual Library

    • Agriculture : National Agricultural Library
      The National Agricultural Library (NAL): advancing access to global information for agriculture

    • Agriculture Law.com
      News and information site on law, agribusiness and agricultural production

    • Arid Lands Newsletter
      Semiannual publication of the Arid Lands Information Center at The Office of Arid Lands Studies, College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona. [Full text available online]

    • APSNet Plant Pathology Online
      The main site of the American Phytopathological Society, with resources for both members and interested visitors. Includes news, meetings, a list of online resources, directories and career information, as well as a link to their journals and publications



    • Best Practices
      FAO Best Practices Web site provides a series of summaries that introduce some best practices in FAO's areas of expertise
    • Beyond Pesticides
      Beyond Pesticides provides useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use. The organization also publishes a wide variety of brochures, information packets, and reports
    • BiGpedia
      This is really an amazing online encyclopedia where you can learn about almost anything under the sun!
    • Biodiversity
      WRI is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives
    •  BiologyBrowser
      Useful because it connects to society sites, as well as small databases, online texts, and datasets. A search box allows you to search by organism, subject, or geographical area
    •  Bird Flu Today
      A news feed site from the World News Network, updated daily. Heavily illustrated, with links to stories from from major news organizions worldwide
    • Botany Virtual Library
      This page is part of the “Virtual Library” Series, very good browsing guides to specific subject areas within the Internet. This guide includes includes a list of Internet resources by topic; an extensive directory to a large archive of biological newsgroups and journal contents pages; links to other journals, biological software, and finding aids; and an extensive alphabetical listing of orgaizational sites, both academic and commercial


    • CABI Databases on Fungi
      Here you can search the database for the status of generic names, or walk down the hierarchy from the rank of Kingdom
    • Crop technology
      Presents unbiased, research-based information through lesson modules focused on plant genetics, genetic engineering, and biochemistry


    • Directory of Agriculture
      This Directory helps you find agritourism, poultry, garden, production, farmer, goat, fodder crops, horticultural crop and more


    • Encyclopedia
      This site provides users with more than 57,000 frequently updated articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
    • EurekAlert
      EurekAlert is a news server for up-to-date research in science, medicine and technology. News posted daily by major research providers. Includes press releases, with a search facility, links to the home pages of peer-reviewed journals, and links to popular research magazines
    • EliteFarmer
      Aims to disseminate information of use to people with small farms or rural property


    • Free Dictionary
      This site brings to you answers from English, Medical, Legal, and Computer Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and has a Search Engine all in one!
    •  Free Online Full-text Articles
      HighWire Press is the largest archive of free full-text science on Earth! A division of the Stanford University Libraries, HighWire Press hosts the largest repository of free, full-text, peer-reviewed content, with 878 journals and 1,027,449 free, full-text articles online. With our partner publishers we produce 72 of the 200 most-frequently-cited journals


    • Gene Campaign: Free Publications
      This site contains the free publications on empowerment of rural and tribal communities; and for laws and policies supportive of food and livelihood security
    • GIS Development
      It fosters the growing network of those interested in geo-informatics and encourages the exchange of scientific know-how through its key platforms: Magazines, Portal, Conferences and Training
    • Glossary of Soil Science Terms
      It provides a single glossary of terms for the various disciplines of soil science. Thanks are expressed to the many members of the society who have aided in the development of this glossary over the years
    • Great Books Online
      The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse providing students, researchers and the intellecutually curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge


    • HighBeam Library Research
      Search our extensive archive of more than 35 million documents from over 3,000 sources -- a vast collection of articles from leading publications, updated daily and going back as far as 20 years. Save your searches, save articles and set up alerts to save time and increase your efficiency


    • InfoPlease
      Information has been providing authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions since 1938. Information Sources are Almanac, Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Biographies etc..
    • International Journal of Biological Sciences
      The scope of the Journal includes cell biology, developmental biology, structural biology, microbiology, molecular biology genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, biodiversity, ecology, marine biology, plant biology, and bioinformatics
    • IPMnetNews
      This newsletter provides the IPM news, medley, research/technical papers, US regional pest management centers and IPM calendar
    • Issues in Science and Technology
      This is a forum for discussion of public policy related to science, engineering, and medicine. This is published by the scientific and technical communities


    • Jatropha - Biodiesel Crop
      Jatropha the wonder plant produces seeds with an oil content of 37%. The oil can be combusted as fuel without being refined. It burns with clear smoke-free flame, tested successfully as fuel for simple diesel engine. The by-products are press cake a good organic fertilizer, oil contains also insecticide



    • Metafro Infosys
      Metafro - Infosys stands for Metadata African Organization - Information System. It is a catalogue of data sets and data sources related to Central Africa


    • National Academies Press
      The National Academies gives info on science and policy issues confronting the agricultural, food, and environmental system
    • New Scientist: Hot Topic
      Current issues on areas like space, technology, environment, health, life, physics & math, science in society etc..


    • OAIster
      OAIster is a union catalog of millions of records representing open archive resources. OCLC makes OAIster records available through WorldCat.org to ensure long-term public access to digital resources
    • OneLook Dictionary Search
      Search engine for words and phrases. It gives word or phrase definition alongwith translation. Around 13,587,880 words from 1024 dictionaries get indexed by this site


    • People and Plants Online
      Its all about Conservation & Managed Habitats; Cultural Landscapes & Resource Rights; Health & Habitat; Knowledge Exchange; Policy & Trade
    • PLANTS National Database Home Page
      A site including a large database of plant names, a plant Photo Gallery, Plant Fact Sheets, Information about Culturally Significant Plants, Information about Noxious and Invasive Plants, Plant Characteristics Information, Threatened and Endangered Plant
    • Population Reference Bureau
      It focus on Reproductive Health and Fertility; Children and Families; Population and the Environment; and Population Futures—Aging, Inequality and Poverty, Migration and Urbanization, and Gender



    • Science Technology Review 1995+
      The mission of Science Technology Review is to communicate, to a broad audience, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's scientific and technological accomplishments, particularly in the core mission areas of the Laboratory
    • Science-in-Farming - Yearbook of Agriculture 1943-1947
      An electronic collection of the Yearbook of Agriculture series which has been published almost every year from 1894 to 1992 and which contains, even in the older volumes, a great deal of information that is relevant to farming today
    • Science News 1994+
      Selected full articles available for each issue of a weekly newsmagazine covering the most important research in all fields of science
    • Soil Maps of Africa
      Soil maps are resources for researchers in many fields apart from soil science. It navigates the DVD "Africa Map Archive" and displays Maps of Africa (2,010 maps of Africa sorted by Country, Scale, Year
    • SoilFoodWeb
      Information of soil resources and the food web
    • SoilWeb Links
      Sustainable Soil Management Resources on the Web
    • Scirus database
      60 million science related pages from the Web as well as membership sources such as ScienceDirect, MEDLINE on BioMedNet, Beilstein on ChemWeb and Neuroscion


    • The WWW Journal Of Biology
      This site have provided links to several sites which contain large compilations of Biology resources on the web


    • Webopedia
      online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology definitions
    •  World Climates
      The web page has topics such as world climate zones; some facts about climate; seasons and more...
    •  World Information
      It provides country related information on key business sectors in the world's major markets. As international trade develops, WORLDINFORMATION.COM provides a convenient reference source on major trends and developments worldwide
    •  WorldWideScience
      is a global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases and portals


    •  Your Dictionary
      yourDictionary.com is a language products and services company that maintains the most comprehensive and authoritative language portal on the web with more than 2500 dictionaries and grammars in over 300 languages, games that build language skills, and a forum (The Agora)for discussing language issues with the logophile community. More than 1,000,000 people a month visit this website

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