Book Acquisition

An important objective of the Library is to ensure that potentially useful conventional and non-conventional literature to meet current and probable future information needs of ICRISAT's research programmes is efficiently acquired. Books and serials acquisition is seen as a participatory exercise involving both the staff of the library and researchers at ICRISAT. Library staff identifies potentially useful new material and research staff evaluate the usefulness of such material and advice the library on their acquisition.

Book Acquisition Procedures

Library staff scan several sources of new book information (E.g. book catalogues, newsletters, book review sources, current journals etc.) to identify potentially useful material. Thus, information on new books which are of potential interest is brought to the notice of specialists at ICRISAT. Publications recommended by specialists are then approved for purchase by the Head of the Division. The Library then takes purchase action.

Exchange Procedures

Since ICRISAT is an important publisher of institute level publications, the Library enters into informal agreements with relevant institutions in India and elsewhere to obtain useful publications in exchange for ICRISAT's monographic and serial publications. The institutions include NARS, Universities, and research centers working in areas of interest to ICRISAT. Letters to identified institutions are written periodically to request publications. Similarly, such institutions are put on ICRISAT's mailing list to regularly receive ICRISAT publications of their interest.

Gift of Books to ICRISAT

ICRISAT Library receives gifts of publications from international, regional, and national organizations in India and elsewhere. The Library retains only documents that are in one of the core or peripheral areas of interest to ICRISAT.

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