SAT Electronic Library News Vol 7 No 3 Aug 2010

Agricultural Biotechnology

Iqbal, A.; Sadia, B.; Khan, A.I.; Awan, F.S.; Kainth, R.A.; Sadaqat, H.A. 2010. Biodiversity in the sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.Moench) germplasm of Pakistan. Genetics and Molecular Research 9(2):756-764.

Kumar, M.M.; Kumar, K.M.H. 2009. Estimation of genetic variability among sorghum genotypes using SSR markers. Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 43(4):744-748.

Liu HongJia; Du YeGang; Chu Hung; Shih ChunHat; Wong YuWai; Wang MingFu; Chu, I.K.; Tao YueZhi; Lo, C. 2010. Molecular dissection of the pathogen-inducible 3-deoxyanthocyanidin biosynthesis pathway in sorghum. Plant and Cell Physiology 51(7):1173-1185.

Shen ChenJia; Bai YouHuang; Wang SuiKang; Zhang SaiNa; Wu YunRong; Chen Ming; Jiang DeAn; Qi YanHua. 2010. Expression profile of PIN, AUX/LAX and PGP auxin transporter gene families in Sorghum bicolor under phytohormone and abiotic stress. FEBS Journal 277(14):2954-2969.

Shiringani, A.L.; Frisch, M.; Friedt, W. 2010. Genetic mapping of QTLs for sugar-related traits in a RIL population of Sorghum bicolor L.Moench. TAG Theoretical and Applied Genetics 121(2):323-336.

Srinivas, K.P.; Reddy, C.V.S.; Ramesh, B.; Kumar, P.L.; Sreenivasulu, P. 2010. Identification of a virus naturally infecting sorghum in India as Sugarcane streak mosaic virus. European Journal of Plant Pathology 127(1):13-19.

Yu ChuanZhang; Zhai GuoWei; Zou GuiHua; Tao YueZhi; Wang Hua. 2010. Assessment of genetic diversity among 41 sorghum varieties using SSR markers. Jiangsu Journal of Agricultural Sciences 26(2):248-253.

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