Literature Search Services

SAT Electronic Library News Vol 7 No 3 Aug 2010

The Library, on requests from its users, carried out comprehensive as well as problem oriented literature searches in our databases and generated search outputs for the following titles:

1. Drought Tolerance in minor millets
2. Effect of botanical pesticides/natural plant products on parasitoids and predators/natural enemies.
3. Effect of botanical pesticides on fish and other aquatic non-target organisms
4. Effect of botanical pesticides on earthworms/nontarget organisms on the soil
5. Effect of botanical pesticides on mammals, birds and other higher anilans
6. Heat resistance in chickpeas
7. Salinity tolerance in minor millets
8. Waterlogging tolerance in legumes

Note: In case you need Literature Search outputs for the above titles, please contact Mr M Madhan, Manager, Library and Information Services

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