Upcoming International Conferences

SAT Electronic Library News Vol 7 No 3 Aug 2010

First intercontinental meeting of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services and The 16th Annual Meeting of the Neuchâtel Initiative, Vina del Mar, Chile, 2-5 Nov 2010
Contact: Antonieta Castro
E-mail: acastro@rimisp.org

International Conference on Environmental Science and Development (ICESD 2011), Mumbai, India, 7-9 Jan 2011
Contact: APCBEES Editor
E-mail: icesd@cbees.org
Web Site: http://www.icesd.org/

3rd World Grains Trade Summit, Singapore, 16-17 Feb 2011
Contact: Centre for Management Technology
E-mail: hani@cmtsp.com.sg
Web Site: http://www.worldgrainstrade.com/

2nd International Symposium on Agricultural and Agroindustrial Waste Management (SIGERA), Foz de Iguaçu, Parana, Brazil, 15-17 Mar 2011
Contact: Julio Cesar Pascale Palhares
E-mail: sigera2011@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.sbera.org.br/sigera2011/

International Congress of Post Harvest Pathology, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, 11-14 April 2011
E-mail: fundacio@700.udl.cat
Web Site: http://www.postharvestpathology.com/

World Conference on Sustainable Value Chain Agriculture for Food Security and Economic Development, Safari Court Hotel, Windhoek, Namibia, 3-8 July 2011
Contact: Amy Harder
E-mail: amharder@ufl.edu
Web Site: http://www.aiaee.org/upcoming.html

International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter, Leuven, Belgium, 11-14 July 2011
Contact: Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Leuven
E-mail: som2011@ees.kuleuven.be
Web Site: http://ees.kuleuven.be/som2011/index.html

5th World Congress of Conservation Agriculture, Brisbane, Australia, 26-29 Sept 2011
Contact: 5th WCCA 5-3rd FSD Secretariat
E-mail: infoWCCA5@icmsaust.com.au
Web Site: http://www.wcca2011.org/

3rd ISOFAR Scientific Conference in the frame of the 17th IFOAM Organic World Congress, Gyeonggi Paldang, Republic of Korea, 28 Sep - 1 Oct 2011
Contact: Dr. Daniel Neuhoff
E-mail: d.neuhoff@uni-bonn.de
Web Site: http://www.isofar.org/kowc2011/

2nd World Conference on Biological Invasions and Ecosystem Functioning, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 21-24 Nov 2011
Contact: Grupo de Investigación y Educación en Temas Ambientales (GrIETA)
E-mail: biolief@grieta.org.ar
Web Site: http://www.grieta.org.ar/biolief/


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