CG InfoFinder

The CG InfoFinder is a search engine developed in collaboration with WAICENT (FAO) that lets users search for CG-wide electronic information (e-Documents, web pages, press releases) available on the Websites of all the CG Centers. Option is available to include FAO Web site also.

The CG InfoFinder is built in a way as to let users either do a simple search or an advanced search. Simple search is carried out across a set of fields while in the advanced search specific fields can be selected for doing a search.

How to use the CG InfoFinder: -

  • Search using keywords
  • Browse by topic
  • Perform Advanced searches {Advanced searches can be done by clicking on Tabs set for Documents and WebPages found on the search frame}.

It allows you to use Boolean operators (AND, OR) and truncations (i.e. use of * at the end of search term) so as to fine-tune your search queries.

The CG InfoFinder can be accessed at the following link address